What You Should Know About Hair Growth Treatment in Dallas, TX

Losing your hair is something that can be devastating whether you are a woman or a man. While there are many different hair growth treatments available, not all will work best for you or your level of hair loss. If you have been wanting to do something about your hair loss and are unsure of where to start, here are some suggestions.

Topical Solutions

If you are looking for a hair growth treatment Dallas that is the least invasive and the most affordable, then a topical solution might be the best bet for you. While there are many formulas that you can purchase from your local drug store, a visit to the dermatologist can help you get a treatment that is suited specifically for you.


A fairly new solution to hair loss, micro-pigmentation is a non-invasive treatment that can provide longer-lasting results than a topical solution but can cost significantly more. This is a good solution for you if you would like to have the appearance of fuller hair in thinner areas without having to undergo a surgical procedure.

Hair Transplant

While this procedure will require you to have hair surgically removed from one area and implanted into another, the results can be phenomenal and virtually undetectable. With topical solutions, you are not always guaranteed to regrow your hair, and they usually require you to continue using them for long periods of time. A hair transplant virtually gives you hair instantly as long as there is enough to be harvested from the donor area.

There are many hair growth treatments in Dallas, however, you must consider your personal situation in order to choose the right one for you. You must take into account your level of hair loss, as well as, your budget and make your decision from there.

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