What You Need to Know About Micro Needling Treatment Cost in Birmingham MI

by | May 17, 2016 | Skin Care

One of the first things that people ask about Micro Needling is whether it is invasive or painful. The treatment is minimally invasive, and a special topical anesthetic is placed on the treatment area to make sure patients don’t experience pain during the micro needling process. In many cases, several different treatment sessions may be needed. Because micro needling can be used to treat such a large range of different skin conditions, the exact treatment plan can vary quite widely.

For people who have mild or even moderate scars due to acne, the typical treatment plan may include three or four different micro needling sessions. In contrast, skin issues like stretch marks are more difficult to resolve with micro needling, so around five or six treatment sessions may be needed. The average cost for micro needling today is around $300 per treatment, although this figure does vary from one Medispa to the next.

One of the big benefits of micro needling is that the Micro Needling Treatment Cost in Birmingham MI is spread out over a number of weeks and months. Most practitioners recommend that the micro needling treatments are done at about four to six week intervals. In addition to that, it is highly recommended that patients get regular maintenance micro needling treatments to preserve their good results. Many micro needling practitioners recommend maintenance treatments at around the one year mark following the original treatments, and then once a year thereafter.

Because micro needling can actually alter the texture and the surface of the skin, special treatments may be required following the procedure. Soothing serums and creams are often applied for at least several days after the treatment. In particular, vitamin C serums are popular treatments for post micro needling care. It is important for patients to remember that micro needling can dramatically improve the skin, but it does not change the tendencies of the skin. People who are prone to acne scarring will continue to be that way, so picking at skin is strongly discouraged.

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