What You Need to Know About Commercial Truck Leasing

by | Dec 27, 2017 | Automotive

For many, the idea of spending every day on the open road is an attractive option. Because of that, many people find that working as a truck driver is a good solution. However, for some people, working for a company isn’t the optimal solution. That might mean jumping into the driver’s seat and looking for commercial truck leasing in Texas.

The good thing is that many truck companies provide options to lease, drive-to-own, and more. This works well for the driver who doesn’t the financial clout to choose a traditional financing option. So, the real question becomes – should you lease a truck from a carrier or is this something you should avoid?

When it comes to the carrier’s opinion, leasing a truck to a driver is a good solution for those without a down payment or who have less than perfect credit. In some cases, these carriers can also offer benefits that sound good, like low down payments and deposits.

The issue is that drivers haven’t always had the best experiences with this type of situation. They may find that their payments are excessive, carriers overcharge for fluid and repairs, and large deposits may be needed. That’s why it’s important to understand the lease before you consider this option and sign on the dotted line.

Be aware of the contract and understand the different fees that may be involved. This might include a down payment or deposit, permit or plate costs, cargo insurance, bobtail insurance, and the need for savings when it comes to towing, tires, maintenance, and repair situations.

It really is a bit of a gamble when choosing to use a carrier for your investment. In some cases, using a carrier to lease is a reasonable option, while at other times it might be best to drive a company truck until you can improve your financial standing and go for a traditional lease.

No matter how or where you lease a truck, it’s a large undertaking. You should make sure you go into a leasing situation understanding what is at stake and being confident you can manage your own business. If you have that going for you, leasing might be an excellent option.

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