What You Need in a Residential Interior Designer

Your home is far more than just the place you live. It’s the center for your personal growth, development, future, and that of your family. On top of that, it’s a haven of relaxation which is essential to helping you maintain a sense of equilibrium. This makes the choice of a residential interior designer an important one. With the hectic life many lead in Alexandria, VA, making the right choice when it comes to picking an interior designer is further heightened. Here are some things to consider.

Think About the Style That Suits You

Everyone has a style, whether we realize it or not. So how do you know what your style is? Do some searches online for different types of residential interior designers. You can make it specific as well by typing “Alexandria, VA”, for example. As you go through the images, you’ll find ones that jump out, make you smile or, better yet, make you want to show a friend or loved one. That’s your style. You don’t have to give it a label; just find it. Then bookmark or save the images you like and bring them with you when you meet the interior designer. You can also just grab a magazine and fold over the pages with designs you like. The important thing is to communicate what you like, and as long as you accomplish that, you’re well on your way to having a great experience with your interior designer.

Create a Realistic Budget

As the not-so-old adage goes, “cash moves everything around me”, or us, rather. The purpose of creating a realistic budget is two-fold: First, you want to make sure your project is affordable and, second, you want to relieve the stress that comes from budgetary uncertainty. The only thing worse than paying too much for something is not knowing how much something is going to cost. So be realistic and honest with yourself, your interior designer, and others involved in the project. Costs can be unpredictable in Alexandria, VA, so having these conversations up front is essential.

Have a Personal Meeting

We shop for so many things online that we sometimes forget how important a personal meeting can be, particularly when it comes to choosing a residential interior designer. In Alexandria, VA, with convenient travel routes left and right, it isn’t hard to make this happen. And it’s important because this is a personal, detailed process that will need a strong relationship between you and the professional you choose.

In the Alexandria, VA area, you can’t go wrong with Zoe Feldman Design. Zoe and her team would be glad to discuss all your exciting options. Reach out via their website, ZoeFeldmanDesign.com, via phone at 202-719-8062, email at hello@zoefeldmandesign.com, or visit at 1052 Potomac St. NW; Washington, DC 20007.

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