What Workers With a Plumbing Company in West Chester OH Expect From Customers

A Plumbing Company in West Chester OH provides a broad range of services, ranging from fixing a blocked drain pipe to installing all new plumbing during kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Some of their work is decidedly unpleasant, such as clearing tree roots and debris from sewer pipes that have caused sewage to back up into the home. Other projects are more fun because they are creating something new. Replacing old fixtures in a bathroom is an example.

Cleaning After Backed-Up Sewer Pipes

There are some tasks customers shouldn’t expect plumbers to do as part of the project, though. Plumbers can open a clogged sewer pipe but are not going to clean the area where the sewer backup occurred. Although it’s a disgusting chore, that task is up to the customers to complete.

Moving Objects Out of the Way

If they have to, plumbers will move everything out of the way so they can reach pipes or other equipment they need to work on. However, the customers really ought to do this before the plumber arrives. Kitchen drain pipes are commonly hidden in a cabinet under the sink that the household residents fill with cleaning supplies, for example.

What Not to Drain and Flush

Homeowners can avoid headaches for themselves and plumbers by following basic guidelines for keeping drain and sewer pipes clear. Plumbers with a company such as there know how gross a kitchen sink pipe can become when the household residents routinely let cooking grease and oil go down the drain. They know that sewers wouldn’t back up nearly as often if people didn’t flush things like tampons, panty liners and paper towels.

Common Courtesy

Customers can be courteous in additional ways when calling for help from a any. For instance, if the cat’s litter pan normally is placed in a location where a plumber will be working, it should be moved. At the very least, it ought to be cleaned out and fresh litter put inside. Plumbers often have to deal with bothersome odors during their work, and they appreciate not having to put up with stinky litter too.

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