What Video Surveillance in Nebraska Does for Home Security

In a time when home security is a major consideration for many people, it should come as no surprise that adding video cameras to home protection systems is often discussed. These types of cameras make it possible to increase the level of protection provided to the home’s occupants. The video surveillance in Nebraska accomplishes this by providing three important benefits.

Would Be Intruders Can See the Cameras

Experts at Integrated Security Solutions, LLC can help ensure the cameras are mounted so that they provide excellent coverage of the front door, back door, and any other points of entry to the home. The presence of a camera or two is often enough to make any would be intruder think twice about attempting to break in. Since today’s cameras often operate with a direct upload of the video feed rather than simply recording actions on a disk, this means even breaking the camera will not do away with the recording that was just made.

Real Time Response to a Break In

With a number of security systems today, any type of unauthorized entry to the home is immediately reported to the authorities. In some cases, the home security provider can also access the live feeds from the cameras and provide the police with those visual resources on a real time basis. The result is that the chances of the police being able to identify the intruders and apprehend them quickly are greatly enhanced.

Evidence for Use in Court

In many courts today, video surveillance footage can be used as evidence in the courtroom. This makes it all the easier for intruders to be convicted and to receive a sentence that is in line with the crime. Since the data can be stored for the long term, it won’t matter if the case does not come before a judge immediately. It will still be viable even when the trial does not occur until months or years later.

The nice thing about the newer cameras is that they are much more affordable than previous designs. They also tend to be smaller and easier to mount and position properly. Thanks to these added benefits, more homeowners can afford to invest in the cameras and feel a little safer as a result.

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