What to Look For When Hiring an Electric Contractor in Allentown PA

Finding the right electrician is one of the most important decisions a homeowner will make. Whether one is needed for repairs, the wiring of a new home, or a home inspection, it is important homeowners are careful in their search to ensure they hire the right Electric Contractor Allentown PA. Taking time in the process will prevent a homeowner from making a mistake in hiring a contractor.
There are five questions homeowners should ask when looking for an electrical contractor:

*    Are you properly insured and licensed? The homeowner needs to make sure the contractor they are considering hiring is properly licensed and insured. It is against the law for an electrical contractor to work in an area they are not licensed in. If a contractor is not licensed or insured, a homeowner will be taking a big risk in hiring them.

*    Do you have references I can contact? Any electric contractor should be more than willing to provide customer references. If the contractor refuses, this likely means they have a poor reputation in the community and should be avoided.

*    How will you communicate with me during my project? Ideally, a contractor should stay in contact with their customer, informing them of the work being done, the projected timeline, and any delays. The homeowner should let the contractor know through what method they would like to be informed.

*    What does the estimate include? When a homeowner is asking a contractor for a written estimate, it is important they are given an accurate number. The homeowner needs to carefully read through the estimate to ensure all areas of cost are covered, so there are no hidden issues that arise in the process.

*    What type of guarantee or warranty do you offer? If there is any guarantee or warranty offered by the Electric Contractor Allentown PA, it is important it is given in writing. Failing to get the warranty in writing may make it difficult to enforce.

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