What to Look For When Buying Used Air Compressors in PA

Air compressors constitute a fairly large investment for most shops and individual consumers. Those who are hesitant to upgrade their current compressors or purchase their first compressors due to budget concerns may be interested in purchasing a used or rebuilt unit. By purchasing Used Air Compressors PA small businesses can save some money while still obtaining the new equipment they need, but only if they ensure that they are spending their money wisely by following the tips below.

Inspect the Unit

It’s important to inspect the entire unit prior to purchase. Those who have owned air compressors in the past may believe they know what to look out for, but it’s important to keep in mind the fact that the unit’s previous owner may have used it for different applications so it may show signs of wear in different ways. The most common point of failure for older air compressors is the tank, so buyers should be sure to either inspect this element carefully themselves or find a trustworthy local expert to have a look.

Electric Vs Gas-Powered Units

Those who are purchasing used electric powered air compressors should be sure to inquire about how and where the unit was used. An improper set-up could lead to engine problems, which can be costly to fix or even require a full refurbishment. Gas-powered units, on the other hand, tend to show wear around the filters, tanks, hoses, and pressure regulators, so these are the areas that consumers should pay the most attention to during an inspection.

Exhaust and Filters

Check to make sure there is not excessive dust or dirt in the exhaust and filters. Dust build-up could indicate that the compressor was not maintained adequately or did not have good enough circulation.

Other Considerations

Just like new air compressors, the Used Air Compressors PA dealers carry for resale are intended for specialized use. Be sure to consider tank size, fuel source, and portability when purchasing any unit from Air Center Inc. Visit Aircompressorspa.com for additional information about new, used, and refurbished units, or call for a free system evaluation and answers to any questions today.

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