What to Look for When Buying Jumbo Sea Scallops in Carlsbad, CA

While all shellfish is perishable, jumbo sea scallops need to be handled correctly, as there is very little room for error when they are harvested, processed, and packaged. If you love scallops and want to cook with them, you need to make sure that you buy the freshest ones on the market, as this will ensure that not only will your dish taste amazing, but also that you won’t run the risk of eating a bad scallop. Knowing what to look for will help you choose the right sea scallops for your next meal.

Smell Them

One of the most important things that you can do when buying jumbo sea scallops in Carlsbad, CA is take the time to smell them. It’s a common misconception that these shellfish should smell fishy. Instead, when you buy quality scallops, they will smell sweet and slightly like seaweed. By slowing down and smelling your scallops, you can decrease the possibility of buying ones that aren’t fresh or that will smelly strongly when being cooked.

Look Closely at Them

Another thing that you should do when buying jumbo sea scallops is take the time to really look at them. Your scallops should have firm meat that is white or beige in color. An orange tint on female scallops is ok. Skip any scallops that have any brownish discoloration as well as ones that have shredded flesh, which is a clear sign of pool handling and processing. Visit the site to learn more about choosing great scallops for your next meal.

Great sea scallops taste and look amazing, and with a little practice and by buying from a reputable company, you can make sure that you choose fresh scallops. The difference between fresh and older scallops is amazing, and spending a little time choosing the right jumbo sea scallops will result in a meal you won’t soon forget.

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