What To Look For When Buying Beer Caves Refrigeration Systems in California

Beer caves refrigeration systems in California are an essential purchase for convenience store owners. Recent studies indicate that 98% of consumers prefer to purchase cold beer to warm, and a well made beer cave refrigeration system will help keep more beer cold, increasing possible sales. There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for beer caves refrigeration systems in California.

Consumer Convenience

A well made beer cave refrigeration system will make shopping for beer much easier on the customer. These enable customers to clearly see all product available for purchase, and to easily access their desired brand. Pick a model with motion activated automatic doors, to allow consumers to purchase more product. It’s also a good idea to select a model that has safety features such as automatic stop, beams in the door opening, and customizable opening width.

Customer Comfort

In addition to customer convenience, keep in mind customer comfort. A beer cave that is too cold, or one that isn’t cold enough, will have a negative effect on customer satisfaction. Being blasted with cold air immediately upon entry makes for a less than pleasant shopping experience. Likewise, purchasing beer that is not cold enough can cause a customer to begin shopping elsewhere for their products. Selecting a beer cave that automatically alters the internal temperature depending on external factors will greatly reduce consumer discomfort when shopping for beer.

Low Maintenance

Conduct a bit of research ahead of the purchase to be sure that the model selected has a low maintenance motor and refrigeration unit. A busy convenience store owner does not have the time to fix or service a broken door or motor. It’s important to pick a no or low maintenance model, and to opt for any warranties that are available on the product at the time of purchase.


Another factor to consider before purchasing is the size of space available for the installation of a beer cave, and to select the model that fits the store the best. Customers will be put off by crowded or cluttered looking spaces, and selecting one where the shelves may be empty will make the store seem unstocked.

A quality, well stocked beer cave will increase customer satisfaction, which can have a major impact on profit. Purchasing one from a reputable dealer will also cut back on the extra expenses, such as energy costs and time spent on maintenance.


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