What to look for in Stylish Steampunk Accessories

If you are looking for stylish steampunk accessories you have to have a good understanding of steampunk fashion. Here is an overview of what steampunk encompasses with tips of what to look for in jewellery and accessories.

What is Steampunk?

Steampunk combines an interest in sci-fi, the Victorian era, crazy time travel and literary influences and creates a sense of eclectic style found in home décor and fashion. There are elegant, more feminine touches from the Victorian age in female fashion and many elements of materials one would find from the industrial era such as metals, gears and worn leather. Together these materials and design elements create a look that is strongly influenced by the industrial age, steam engines and Victorian invention and fashion. Common materials would include velvet, lace and leather with jewellery items made of silver, bronze and brass that would have been used for cogs and fittings on the industrial machinery of the time.

Stylish Steampunk Jewellery

When shopping for stylish steampunk accessories you can start with a simple addition: watches. Watches have all the elements of steampunk design with the metals, chains and cog work. Pocket watches are ideal for the vests of the time and can be worn by both men and women. Cuff watches are also an excellent choice especially with added steampunk features such as cogs. Jewellery will feature prominent chains in brass, silver and bronze. You can look for motifs such as cogs and wheels and for a more feminine design influence Victorian details might include cameos, dragon flies or fairies. Chokers are the ideal jewellery item for women especially when made of lace or featuring interesting medallions reminiscent of industrial details such as dials, wheels or cogs.

Stylish Steampunk Accessories

A very common accessory for the steampunk culture is goggles. Goggles can be worn around the neck, over top hats and also on top of the head. Aviator hats in leather with ear flaps are also very popular. Top hats figure prominently in both men’s and women’s fashions and are often combined with flamboyant riding jackets in leather or heavy canvas. Holsters and bags in leather as well as metal framed glasses add layers to your steampunk look. Leather aprons or even tool belts can be layered over different clothing including a worn looking lab coat. Last but not least, leather gloves, especially fingerless styles can tie your look together nicely.

The steampunk look is not for everyone and is usually associated with parties and special events for steampunk enthusiasts. However a little bit of steampunk never hurt anyone and can be added to your wardrobe with stylish steampunk accessories.

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