What to Look for at a Coin Store in Seattle, WA

When planning a visit to a local coin store in Seattle WA, the foremost question on most people’s minds is probably what to invest in. There is certainly a huge variety of collectible coins out there today, but only a select few of them appreciate rapidly in value. Perhaps the best coins to consider investing in are those that have their metal going for them. Essentially, this means that if people buy coins made out of a very valuable metal, they will have something of great value whether the coin has high value or not. Usually, the best metals in terms of value are considered to be platinum and gold.

A number of coins are made from both platinum and gold today, but gold is the more common material because it is usually less expensive. The exact karat weight of gold also has a major impact on the metal value of the coin. The 24 karat gold coins are the best possible investment because they will always retain high value, purely due to their metal content. There are only a very few coins made in 24 karat gold because it is costly, so there is a good chance that the coins will appreciate based on scarce supply. Some coins are also crafted from 18 karat gold and from 14 karat gold. Both have value, but the higher value is always assigned to the higher karat weight.

Silver coins, typically made from sterling silver or fine silver, are another good consideration for investment. Keep in mind that silver coins are typically made in far greater quantities than gold or platinum coins. Thus, the supply is much larger. This does not mean that these coins will never have a high coin value, however. Generally, people should invest in silver coins or even in silver bullion when they are prepared to keep them for a while before reselling them. This allows the metal and the coin itself some time to appreciate. Coin investing can be a very entertaining and profitable hobby. If you are looking for a good local coin store in Seattle WA, click here to learn more.

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