What to Know When Hiring a Gay Escort in NYC

It’s not unusual at all for a man to choose to hire an escort. Research shows that around 15% of men do so at least once in their lives. There’s nothing wrong with making that choice. If you’re considering hiring your first gay escort in NYC, there are a few things you may want to know first. This will give you the best chance of having an experience that you look back on years from now in a positive light.

Escorts Are Just Like You

Maybe the male escort you hire is better looking than the average guy or has more experience sexually or romantically than the next guy. That doesn’t mean they are anything less than a person, just like you are. The reason this is mentioned is that you want to be nice and polite, just as you would with any service provider, whether that’s a plumber or a carpenter. Be open and honest and treat the person with respect.

It’s Normal to Pay on Arrival

While some gay escorts don’t require payment up front, most of them do. Make sure you have the cash at the time of the appointment. You need to make it clear you’re paying whether that means having visible cashout or handing over an envelope with payment at the door. Your gay escort in NYC provides services for a living and ripping them off is beyond bad manners. Take time to get the money together early and have it ready when the escort shows up.

An Hour is an Hour

If you book time with a man for an hour, that’s exactly how long you can expect him to stay. As soon as the man walks through the doors, that clock starts ticking down. That means you should plan your time wisely and not put up a fuss when the appointment is over. It’s recommended to book for a couple of hours for a first-time session, so you can get to know each other and still enjoy some fun without watching the clock every second.

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