What to Know About Full Custody

Few jobs are more important than caring for a child, but what can you do when your partner or family member doesn’t hold up their responsibilities? Too many adults and children find themselves facing a case of abandonment by someone they should have been able to trust. This situation can leave both the child and their remaining guardian in a difficult position, one you can potentially solve by seeking out full child custody in Hollywood, FL. It’s worth noting, however, such an endeavor is usually a drastic last resort. Here’s what you should know before pursuing full custody for a young person in your care.

Defining Full Custody

Full custody is also legally termed as sole parental responsibility. By seeking out this particular custody status, you officially apply for the right to exclusively make all decisions regarding your child’s care. The other parent will have little to no say over these aspects of the child’s life, though in some cases, you may have to provide notice of your decisions to the other parent.

More Complex Than It Sounds

The truth of the matter is, at least within the state of Florida, it is extremely difficult to totally terminate the other parent’s right to have contact with their child. The court system will generally try to maintain the parent’s relationship with the child on some level, even if the parent contributes little to nothing to the child’s care. As you pursue child custody in Hollywood, FL, you should hope only for the best possible outcome, which in the case of the courts, generally serves as a means of preserving the child’s well being in the best manner possible.

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