What to Expect with Medical Care and Your Newborn Child

At the point where you first take your newborn child into your arms, you have probably already chosen the doctor who will help with their care as they grow up. During the first year of your child’s life, your child will likely visit the doctor more than at any other time of their life. Knowing what to expect with regards to newborn hospital care in Summerville, SC, is essential and we’ll look at that in this article.

Expectations After Birth

Your child’s first medical exam will either take place at your side or in the hospital nursery, depending on hospital regulations and your desires. The following will take place at this time:

  • A nurse or doctor will monitor your child’s skin color and activity.
  • The length, weight, and circumference of the child’s head will be measured.
  • Heart rate, temperature, and breathing will be measured.
  • Vitamin K injections will be provided to avoid the potential for bleeding.
  • Ointment or eye drops will be given to prevent any eye infections.

At this time, your child will also be given their first bath. Many hospitals will provide you with instructions regarding the bathing, feeding, and other care of your child to follow at the hospital and home.

First Doctor’s Visit

Your pediatrician will be contacted after delivery of the child. If you have a C-section or there may be medical problems, this doctor may be waiting for the birth to provide care immediately. In either case, the physician will provide an examination in the first 24 hours after birth. The child will have a small sample of blood taken, which will diagnose any problems that need to be treated right away. This will often conclude the newborn hospital care in Summerville, SC.

Office Visits

After your child has come home, you will have your first office visit with the pediatrician. Every doctor will have their assessment plan, but some of the things that may occur include a physical exam, measurement of height and weight, questions about how you are doing, advice for the months to come, and a discussion about the home and how to keep the child safe.

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