What to Expect When Using a Cremation Service in Antioch

When most people think of a funeral, they usually imagine a traditional casket and burial. In recent years, however, many people have been forgoing a burial and requesting to be cremated. For their loved ones, the idea of a cremation can be difficult to handle. They don’t necessarily understand the process and how it will affect their funeral. Knowing what to expect when using a Cremation Service in Antioch will help make the process easier during this difficult time.

The first misconception of a cremation is that it will prevent a traditional funeral from taking place. This is not true. Depending on the when the family schedules the cremation, it may be possible to have an open casket funeral. Speak with the funeral director to see if a casket will need to be purchased or if it is possible to rent one for the viewing. If an open casket funeral is not desired, the cremation may take place before the service. In this scenario, it is common to place a decorative urn containing the ashes of the deceased on an altar. The altar is usually adorned with a photo of the deceased, along with flowers and other mementos to represent their life.

Once the funeral is complete, the ashes will be given to the family. What to do with the ashes will be determined by the will of the deceased. In instances where the will doesn’t specify how to handle their remains, the family will be allowed to make the decision on their own. Some may choose to bury the ashes in a family plot. This is especially common in cemeteries that are full, as ashes require less space to be buried. Other families may opt to store the ashes in a protective urn. Scattering the ashes over a favorite location is also a common way people say goodbye to their loved ones.

When a family member chooses to be cremated, it is important to remember that a standard funeral and burial is still an option. Make sure to decide what to do with the ashes after the service. This is a difficult time for all who are involved, and a Cremation Service in Antioch will help you cope with the situation during this time of mourning. To know more visit Holy Cross Cemetery & Funeral Center.

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