What to Expect When Getting Dental Veneers in Birmingham MI

Dental veneers in Birmingham MI are a thin porcelain shields which cover the front of the teeth. They are intended as a permanent solution for patients with broken, chipped or stained teeth, and most veneer applications require a minimum of two dental appointments for completion. Below, you will learn what to expect during a veneer procedure.

Making a First Impression

Like most restorative dentistry, impressions are taken at several times during veneer placement. Impressions taken before your first appointment are used in the fabrication of a cement cast of your teeth, which is sent to a dental lab for veneer fabrication and to create a wax model of your end results. This wax replica is often used to create temporary veneers for wear while the permanent set is made.

Selecting a Shade

Choosing the shade of your Veneers in Birmingham or elsewhere is the most exciting step in the process, and color is often determined by your request and the dentist’s recommendation. Your veneers will be customized to match your skin tone and to look as natural as can be, while giving you the flawless smile you’ve always wanted. You may have to visit the lab where your veneers are being made in order to have a custom shade analysis done.

Prepping the Teeth

Very little enamel has to be removed before veneer placement; the amount depends on tooth position, the dentist’s methods and the veneer type. If your teeth have been root canalled or require very little prep, you may not need even local anesthetic.

Your Temporary Veneers

A dental assistant or the dentist will create temporary veneers from acrylic, which are bonded to your teeth with cement. They resemble natural teeth, but may not look as white as your final veneers. Your teeth will be protected, but you should avoid hard, heavily pigmented or sticky foods, gum, biting your nails, and using your teeth to open or tear things.

Your permanent Veneers in Birmingham will be returned after a week to ten days, at which time they will be inspected while in your mouth and then cemented into place. If you needed anesthetic for your preparation appointment, you may need it during veneer application, as your teeth will need to be cleaned with acid etch. Your teeth may be sensitive after the veneers are applied, therefore you should try to avoid excessively hot or cold foods. With proper care, your dental veneers in Birmingham MI will last ten to fifteen years. Contact DiPilla Robert, DDS to know more.

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