What To Expect When Contacting A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney In Sumner, WA

One of the worst feelings anyone will encounter is not being able to pay their bills and make ends meet for themselves and their families. Rather than living with the stress of credit card debt and a lack of financial resources, consider taking action right away. A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Sumner WA will review a person’s financial situation and determine if they qualify for complete forgiveness of their debts, which will help the client regain control of their financial health and future.

Means Test

The first step of a bankruptcy proceeding is a means test. The court will need to verify the person filing for the forgiveness of their debt does not currently own or possess assets that will allow them to satisfy the debt in addition to confirming they are not expected to inherit any money in the foreseeable future. An attorney will create the required documentation to prove this, which is an integral part of chapter 7 proceedings.

Debt Evaluation

The next part of the bankruptcy process is to evaluate the debts a person currently has. The court system does not allow a person to pick and choose which obligations are part of the bankruptcy process, but they will let a person keep up to one car loan and a house depending on the current mortgage amount. Be sure to talk to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Sumner WA about evaluating a person’s debt before going to court.

Fast Processing Time

Dealing with a mountain of debt is stressful, but the bankruptcy process will provide a person with relief as quickly as possible. Though the time required will vary depending on a person’s unique circumstances, most are completed within three to six months. Other items that often cause a delay are processing errors or an inundated court system that does not have flexibility in scheduling.

If a person is tired of dealing with financial stress, it may be time to contact The Law Office of Kevin G. Byrd. He and his team will help anyone determine their best course of action and get relief from debt. Check out his website or call his office today to learn more about the services he provides and schedule a free new client consultation.

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