What to Expect from Professional Teeth Whitening in Pampa, TX

Readers who have been considering having their teeth whitened should know that they have a few different options at their disposal. They can purchase over the counter products, but these whitening kits take a long time to work and don’t typically provide the same level of results as professional Teeth Whitening in Pampa TX. Those who want quick, impressive results can read on to find out about what to expect when they head to their dentists for professional whitening.

Available Options

Dentists have a few options at their disposal for helping their patients achieve brighter smiles. These include in-office whitening, take-home professional whitening kits, and dental veneers.

In-office whitening, which involves the application of a specialized whitening gel that can be reapplied up to four times per visit, is the quickest way to see results. Take-home kits include custom-molded trays and an approved whitening gel that must be applied every night for two weeks at home. Those whose discoloration has not been sufficiently reduced using these two methods may want to ask their dentists about dental veneers, which can cover severely stained or discolored teeth completely.

Aftercare for the First Day

Professional Teeth Whitening in Pampa TX can cause tooth sensitivity in some patients. This sensitivity is generally short-lived and can be addressed by switching to a specialty toothpaste. Readers who opt for in-office whitening should avoid highly-pigmented foods and beverages like coffee, tea, tomato juice, beets, and red wine for at least 24 hours.

Choosing the Right Option

Readers who want to look their best for quickly-approaching events should go with in-office whitening since it provides the quickest results. Those who are less concerned about time than expense may want to go with at-home professional whitening kits, as they tend to cost significantly less than in-office whitening procedures. Most dentists recommend veneers only when discoloration is severe, or it does not respond to other whitening procedures.

Get Started Today

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