What to Expect from Group Life Plans in Macon, GA

When it comes to getting insurance, there are a lot of products available on the market. People can shop around and find plans that really work for them. Especially with the implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act, insurance products are a lot more affordable for most people. Those employers who are looking for plans to set up their employees will find the right products more easily also. There is an agency that offers Group Life Plans in Macon GA. Here are some of the benefits and other perks that should normally be expected with group life plans.

Group life plans are geared towards insuring a group of people, as to be expected. Employers, labor unions and other types of similar organizations are usually the policyholders for these plans. The plan comes as part of an employee’s benefits package. The real benefit is that this plan is usually much cheaper than the individual could get on his or her own. With the increasing costs of health care, having a good policy package that includes life insurance makes an attractive plus for employees.
In most of the cases, the life insurance offered in group life plans is term insurance. As long as the employee remains a part of the company, the life insurance policy is in effect. The employee loses it, however, at a termination of employment, unless he or she opts to convert the policy to an individual policy. Most will not take advantage of this because the premiums become much higher. One added perk of group life insurance plans is that all those in the group will pay the same premium, without regard to their age or other factors that might normally be considered a high-risk factor in individual insurance plans.

The Stone Insurance Agency Inc. has been offering insurance solutions in Macon, Georgia for over 33 years. The agency is dedicated to getting rid of the red tape of complications that often come with getting insurance through others. The agency delivers insurance solutions that are smarter for the consumer and the agency both.

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