What to Expect From Dermatology Services in Lehigh Valley, PA

Readers looking into Dermatology Services in Lehigh Valley PA often experience some stress before their first visits. This is primarily due to the fact that many of them really don’t know what to expect at their consultations. Read on to find out what to expect during the first visit to the dermatologist to alleviate that stress and make sure the consultation goes well.

Questions About Medical History

Dermatologists, like other medical doctors, will usually begin by discussing their patients’ medical histories. Readers should make sure to bring a list of all the medications and over-the-counter products they are using, especially if they are looking for treatment for a particular skin issue. Many prescription medications interact with other drugs, so the doctor will need to know what his or her patients are currently taking to avoid adverse interactions.

Physical Exam

Even if readers are just seeking treatment for one issue such as persistent acne, they should still expect to undergo full checks for other common skin problems like suspicious moles or skin lesions. The reasoning behind these full-body checks is that patients may be suffering from additional skin diseases and disorders that could require immediate care. Some types of skin cancer, for example, can be much better treated if they are caught early during one of these preliminary exams.

Prescription Medications

Dermatology Services in Lehigh Valley PA typically provide both pharmaceutical and surgical treatments to their patients. Most of the time, though, dermatologists will try any medical solutions available prior to recommending surgery. Readers who are having trouble with acne, eczema, or even excessive dandruff may be offered prescription creams or oral medications to use and should make sure they understand how to use them before leaving the doctor’s office.

Follow Up Appointments

It’s very rare for every issue a patient has to be resolved during one initial consultation. In fact, it often takes a while to find the right treatment or combination of treatments for even common problems like acne, so it’s safe to assume the patient will have to return for additional visits in the future. Click here to get started learning about one local dermatologists’ office that can help or schedule a consultation to get started down the path toward healthy skin today.

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