What To Expect From A Nursing Home Attorney In Glendale, AZ

In Arizona, seniors are protected under federal laws. The laws define the standard of care that expected from nursing homes for seniors. The laws also provide their family with legal avenues in which to file formal claims if they suspect that their senior was abused or neglected. A Nursing Home Attorney in Glendale AZ provides the legal avenues to families to fight against unethical acts of nursing home staff.

Reporting Nursing Home Abuse

The first step is to report the nursing home abuse. The family can report the abuse to protective services or law enforcement. They must file formal charges against the nursing home to take legal action. This enables them to acquire information about the individual who harmed their senior loved one.

Removing the Senior from the Nursing Home

Next, the family must remove the senior from the nursing home. By removing them from the nursing home, they stop the staff from retaliating against the senior. This takes the senior out of harm’s way and provides them with protection. If the family must pay for in-home care services, they should include the expense in their civil claim against the nursing home.

Investigating the Report

Protective services and local law enforcement agencies can investigate any claims of nursing home abuse or neglect. The actions are classified as criminal and could lead to legal prosecution through the county court. The findings could present the family with evidence that is relevant to each case.

Securing Medical Records for the Senior

The family must acquire a medical assessment for their senior. A doctor must evaluate the current condition of the senior. Any injuries discovered are recorded in the medical records. The records are presented as evidence in the civil claim. The records show what type of injuries are present.

In Arizona, nursing homes must adhere to federal laws related to the health care they provide to seniors. The administrator of the nursing home must follow regulations to prevent abuse and neglect. When they fail, the family of the senior has the right to file a claim against the nursing home. Families that want to discuss their case with a Nursing Home Attorney in Glendale AZ contact Garrison Law Firm right now.

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