What to Do if an Employer Is Not Complying with Work Restrictions in MN

Even with the best workplace safety rules, hundreds of employees are hurt while working on the job every week. Sometimes, accidents just happen. In some of these cases, an employee may be unable to return to their usual duties per instructions from their medical doctor. Here’s what to do if an employer is not complying with work restrictions in MN.

Employers Must Comply with Legal Medical Work Restrictions

Every state has workplace compensation laws that are designed to protect an employee who becomes injured while at work. In many cases, the accident that caused the injury could be deemed the employer’s fault for some type of negligence in the company’s worker safety guidelines and workplace rules. The personal injury and workers’ compensation laws require an employer to comply with any work restrictions in MN that a medical doctor orders for legitimate medical injuries in MN and elsewhere.

What Happens if an Employer Is Not Complying with Work Restrictions?

Whenever an employer is not complying with work restrictions in the MN region, the injured employee has the right to pursue a legal workers’ compensation claim in court. This would allow the employee to get benefits while they are out of work. If the employer makes the employee a target of harassment, threats or otherwise creates a hostile workplace environment, the employee may be eligible for additional compensation.

Consult with a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

It is important for an injured worker to consult with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney promptly. Most offer free consultations.

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