What to Do Before Enrolling in Massage School in Phoenix AZ

Enrolling in massage school in Phoenix AZ is a huge investment of money, energy and time. If you want to avoid disappointment when you begin this career, there are certain things you need to do prior to enrolling in school. When you consider the information here, you will be confident in your decision to enroll in and pursue a career in massage therapy.

Talk to Others about Massage Schools

You should talk to people you know in the massage industry and ask them what parts of school they loved and what parts felt like they had to work through.  Remember all of our experiences and each massage class are very unique and individual.  You can also call local spas in your area where you would love to be employed, and ask if they hire from a specific massage school. This will provide you with a good idea as to which schools have the best reputations.

Find Out the Realities of the Massage Therapist Career

Being a massage therapist is a physically demanding career, and without good body mechanics, result as a high rate of turn over. At ASIS it is our belief that the therapist must always consider their own safety first.

There is a large demand for massage therapists at spas, than estheticians; however, many therapists discontinue their work after about two years because of how demanding the role is. It is important that you ask others in the industry about the workplace environment, the starting salaries, what they like and dislike about the job, and what can help you be successful in the long run.

Look for a Massage School in Arizona

It is a good idea to find a massage school in Arizona if this is where you plan to pursue your career. Each state has specific regulations regarding licensing for massage therapists, so you need to be sure you find a massage school that provides you with the skills you will need to succeed.  If you attend ASIS, there are no additional licensing fees or state board exams required.

Contact and Visit the Massage School

Once you have created a short list of all the potential massage schools you are interested in, you should contact the school. The admissions department at each massage school in Phoenix AZ can answer any questions you have and provide you with additional information. You can also ask about licensing requirements, the costs, curriculum and financial aid availability.  ASIS Massage is approved to offer Federal Financial Aid to those who qualify, as well as offering Veteran’s benefits.

Prior to enrolling you should also pay a visit to the massage school. Do you like the environment and teachers? Do the students appear satisfied? Visiting will allow you to get a feel for the school and if it is right for you. Since feeling is what this profession is about, getting a feeling for the right massage school in the Maricopa County area makes good sense.

Taking the time to consider the factors discussed here will let you know if you have selected the right massage school in Phoenix AZ that fits your needs. This will ensure you are poised for a successful career. If you do not take the time to find a quality school and have realistic expectations about the outcome, chances are you will find you are not satisfied with the career choice you have made. The Arizona School of Integrative Studies is a Journey worth taking.

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