What To Consider With St. John US Virgin Islands Vacation Rentals

The US Virgin Islands, or the USVI, is a true tropical paradise. It is a perfect combination of luxury living, the beauty of nature, and the amazing comfort and relaxed lifestyle of the islands.

For those planning a trip that includes St. John US Virgin Islands vacation rentals, there are a few things in mind to ensure you have a wonderful vacation without any accommodation problems.

Consider the Location 

Depending on what you want to see and do, different locations of St. John US Virgin Islands vacation rentals are a better match. For those who want breathtaking scenery and a more relaxed lifestyle, consider a rental that is out of the major tourist area of Cruz Bay. Coral Bay is a perfect place for both scenery and lots of things to see and do throughout the day.

Amenities of the Vacation Rental

Consider all the features and amenities offered with St. John US Virgin Islands vacation rentals. Some rentals are more minimal in what they offer, while others may provide private pools, beautifully landscaped areas, and all the features and options you would expect in luxury accommodation. Some rental properties offer a wide assortment of general use items for guests, which adds to the enjoyment of your stay.

Features of the Area 

Ideally, choosing a vacation rental that is close to grocery stores, entertainment venues, restaurants, boat shuttles, and even rental services for water sports equipment is always important. This ensures the whole family has things to see and do without the need to worry about planning trips or to try to manage transportation.

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