What To Consider When Purchasing Commercial Wallcovering

When choosing commercial wallcovering there are three qualities which are of utmost importance; they are performance, aesthetics and eco-friendliness. The trick is to strike a balance between all three; you will be looking for durability, sustainability and of course, ease of maintenance as it is in a commercial rather than residential environment.

Of all the variations in wall covering that are commercially available the two that are most common in areas which are subjected to high traffic are textile and vinyl. Let’s look a little deeper into the important characteristics.


Although vinyl and textile wallcovering are made from differing materials, both are very durable. Nicks, dents and scratches are all to be expected in areas where chairs are being pushed back, office furniture is being re-arranged and cleaning carts are being wheeled through the halls of hotels and hospitals.

Regardless of what material you have chosen, make sure that an expert in paperhanging. Often, because it is a commercial undertaking the choice of contractors is made based on the lowest bid, this is not the correct approach as you will probably end up with wrinkling and patterns that don’t match up.

Maintenance of either vinyl or fabric wallcovering is straight forward; all that is required is soap and water or any one of a dozen commercial cleaners. Most building managers or owners are looking for a wallcovering that just takes a quick wipe.

Wall coverings are more expensive than paint but the payback is better, wall coverings can be expected to last ten years, this is obviously not the case with a coating.


As noted, commercial wallcovering in Ft. Lauderdale FL might be in the building for a number of years, with this being the case appearance is as important as durability.

Textile wall coverings present a significant range of possibilities which include woven fabric, embossing, printing and even embroidery, all of which have proven to be very color fast.

For many years vinyl wallcovering was available in solid colors only or the most simple of textures. Today, the story is quite different; vinyl commercial wallcovering is available in a wonderful array of prints and heavy embossing.

When you compare wallcovering from different sources find out the rating, for commercial applications type III is superior as they can withstand the rigors of high-traffic installations. You will also want to consider the abrasion resistance, resistance to scrubbing and stains.

For those that want to marry durability and aesthetics, the best choices for commercial wallcovering are found at Atlantic Wallpaper & Decor.

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