What to Consider in your Free Stall Building

For those in the business of cows, the barn is the hub of your business. The success of your farm relies on the integrity of your barn, so it’s crucial to maintain a good, clean living space for your cows. If it’s time to update your barn or stable, check out the following pointers to ensure you’re creating the best area for your livestock.

  • Open spaces. Just because your livestock lives outside doesn’t mean they’re capable of adjusting to extreme temperatures. Installing free stall building posts in your new barn creates wide open spaces and plenty of ventilation, allowing cool breezes to filter in through the barn. The barns can also be outfitted with curtain-like devices to close off the open spaces to snowstorms and other weather-related changes that frequently occur in Curtiss, WI.
  • Money-saving space innovation. By implementing a free stall post system, you save the cost of building walls. Instead, you rely on the posts to support the barn. And the flexibility of posts allows you to easily change the layout of the barn before construction by adding or subtracting the beams to increase or decrease length and width.
  • Creature comforts. Perhaps the most important benefit of free stall barns is the long-term comfort of your cows. Free stall building posts allow the cows plenty of room to get up, move around, and access food and water, while still making the transition to and from milking relatively simple. Comfortable cows make for profitable cows, and considering livestock’s environment is a simple practice to ensure your business is the best it can be.

Free stall barns are an excellent option to consider for your livestock. Their open designs allow for air circulation throughout the seasons, and adjustable side curtains are simple prevention against extreme weather, like rain and snow. There is plenty of space for your cows to comfortably live, which means higher profits for your farm.

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