What Septic Tank Companies in Bonney Lake, WA Want Homeowners to Know

Protecting the environment and making modern life easier for families is the job of Septic Tank Companies in Bonney Lake WA. Most people spend very little time thinking about their septic system and that is the way it should be. Unfortunately, without some maintenance and care it can become impossible not to think about home sewage. Here are all the little ways homeowners can prevent that unpleasant situation.

Never flush anything that is not specifically designed for septic systems. This include tissues, baby wipes and feminine hygiene products.
Never pour cleaning chemicals into the drains or the toilet. The chemicals kill the beneficial bacteria that helps to break down solid materials in the tank. Opt for natural cleaning solutions, like vinegar and baking soda, for the toilet and sinks and tub.

Avoid planting trees and other vegetation directly over or beside the septic tank. The roots can grow too large and invade the tank or pipes.
Fix plumbing leaks promptly to avoid overflowing the tank unnecesarily with wasted water.

Have the yard properly landscaped so the liquids in the leach field can filter away from the tank and the home as needed.

Have the septic system inspected before moving into a home. Set up a schedule for pumping and inspection at that point and maintain the schedule during the entire time in the home.

Have drinking water tested when buying a home to make certain a slow, undetected leak in the septic tank is not contaminating the water.

If any sewer smell is noticed inside or outside the home, contact someone immediately before the problem becomes serious.

Grass that is noticeably more lush and green over a septic tank is a sign of a malfunctioning system. Contact help as soon as possible.

Septic Tank Companies in Bonney Lake WA want their customers to have clean and pleasant homes and septic systems that operate correctly. When septic tanks are operating correctly they are protecting the earth, local water supplies and the homes and families around them. Any homeowner that has never had their tank inspected or pumped and is uncertain of its age should contact a septic tank company for a full review of their septic system.

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