What Residents Learn While Staying at Sober Living in Minneapolis St. Paul

by | Feb 7, 2024 | Sober Living

A sober living complex is a place for short-term residents to transition from rehabilitation to a residence outside of the program and the temptation that comes with it. Clients in rehab are more likely to succeed on their sober journey if they spend time with other sober people and professional counselors as they establish new, sober habits. Residents must adhere to strict rules and stay sober, but the program is highly successful for residents who want to get sober.

When you move into sober living in Minneapolis St Paul, here are some of the lessons you should learn during your stay.

Goals of a Men’s Sober Living Facility


While staying in sober living in St Paul Minneapolis, you will be subjected to regular drug testing to keep you accountable for your sobriety. Even legal substances, such as alcohol or marijuana, are prohibited. Everyone must remain sober at all times. If you test positive for drugs or alcohol, you can be dismissed from the program.


Sober living facilities have a strict schedule that includes meal times and chores. All residents must adhere to the schedule or risk consequences. The structure may seem monotonous at first, but it can ease the anxiety that causes some residents to use it.

Relationship-Building and Teamwork

Sober living services strongly emphasize the social dynamic of addiction treatment. You will be encouraged to attend group counseling sessions with the other residents. You will also learn how to work well as a single household, including conflict resolution techniques. For more details, please visit The Recovery Academy now.

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