What Owners Need to Know About a Pet Vaccination in Lenexa, KS

Does your cat or dog need a Pet Vaccination in Lenexa KS? Many animal owners question the necessity of these regular shots. However, vaccines help to trigger an immune response within the animal’s body that helps to prepare the system to fight off an infection in the future in the event the animal encounters an agent that causes a specific disease. The vaccine works to stimulate the production of antibodies in the pet’s body that will help to identify the organism that causes the disease and destroy it.

The Benefits of Vaccinations

A vaccine helps to prevent pets from becoming ill and can also save the owner money over time, as treatments for many diseases animals are vaccinated against can be costly. Furthermore, the vaccine works to ensure the disease is not spread among pets or to humans in the family. What many owners do not realize is a disease that normally only infects wildlife can actually be transmitted to household pets, and the vaccines help to prevent this. Furthermore, certain areas require owners to have their pets vaccinated under current laws.

The Risks

A pet owner may wonder if there are any risks associated with vaccinations. As with any medication provided to humans or pets, there are risks. Nevertheless, the benefits of having the vaccines far outweigh any downsides. Most pets never have a problem with the shots, and any reaction is typically mild and short-lived. However, some animals do have a serious reaction, but these are rare and can typically be handled if caught quickly.

Which Vaccines Are Needed?

The vet sits down with the pet owner to determine which vaccines should be given. For example, rabies shots are required for every animal in many areas. However, a pet owner may have more discretion over whether the distemper vaccine is given. This is a conversation the vet and pet owner will need to have to determine which shots the animal will benefit from and why.

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