What New Demand Forecasting Software Will the New Year Bring?

Resource Box: For more information on demand forecasting and how it caIf there’s any industry that’s constantly evolving, it’s technology. No matter your precise industry, you’ve definitely witnessed almost all of your business software update several times over the past few years. However, few industries have had to adapt to more software changes than the retail field, especially when it comes to demand forecasting. Now that 2019 has rolled in, you and your team may be considering sorting through the new pieces of software on the market, perhaps out of curiosity or to track down the best new tools to invest in for your company. In this article, you’ll find some of the best new pieces of demand forecasting software available this year.


Planilog is ideal for those looking for an easy organization tool for their demand forecasting processes. This program displays every resource you need in one convenient layout, allowing you to construct scenarios for maximum business optimization, view and sort your current limitations and resources and even experiment with different rules for managing your inventory. This piece of software is ideal for those looking to enhance their overall maintenance and production abilities with little need to spend hard-earned income or wait around too long for results. Most users of this software notice positive change within mere weeks.

GAINSystems Software

GAINSystems Software is highly recommended for those who want consistent and quick results. This demand forecasting program provides users with several necessary tools for planning one’s retail operations and inventory, keeping track of sales and production, ordering new supplies as needed and tracking trends within customer demands. Each of these features updates within real-time according to previous data.


StockIQ provides its users with a wide array of tools for demand forecasting and the various types of planning that go into this important process. Its target audience is managers in need of an easy tool for 3PL industry, manufacturing and distribution tracking. Like the two aforementioned programs, StockIQ’s most notable feature is its quick result turnout.

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