What Lifestyle Changes Can Ease Recurring Shoulder Pain in Mariett, GA?

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Pain Management

Shoulder pain makes it difficult to tackle day-to-day activities, from taking out the trash to working on your laptop. As you await shoulder pain treatment in Mariett, GA, finding out what lifestyle changes can ease recurring shoulder pain never hurts.

What Lifestyle Changes Can Ease Recurring Shoulder Pain?

Start With a Stretch
Your shoulder may feel stiff from being in the same position for most of the night and may not be ready to take on the day’s activities. Start your day by stretching your shoulders, neck, and upper back to loosen your joints and get your blood circulating.

Exercise Smart, Not Hard
Exercise is essential to build strength in your shoulder, but overdoing it can worsen your shoulder pain. It is best to stick to low-impact exercises, such as yoga and swimming. If you are unsure of what exercises are safe, bring it up when you talk to your doctor about shoulder pain treatment in Marietta, GA.

Be Mindful of Your Posture
Your posture plays a big role in managing your shoulder pain, so you need to ensure you are sitting up straight and not slouching. If you are at a desk most of the day, look into an ergonomics chair to keep you comfortable while promoting good posture. Your spine needs to be straight with your arms and shoulders relaxed on your desk, and your head should be at eye level with your monitor.

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