What Is Your Recourse If Your Claim For Disability Benefits Is Denied?

Social Security in the US dates back to the time of President Roosevelt. In 1937, taxes started to be taken out of employee’s wages to fund the program. With minor changes in concept, but major changes in administration, Social Security today is not much different than it was over 80 years ago.

The money taken from a workers wage provides monetary benefits upon retirement and disability benefits for those that are not able to work due to a physical or mental disability.

Rarely is there a problem with getting retirement benefits, apply and three months later the checks begin to arrive. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for those claiming Social Security disability benefits, about two-thirds of all claims are denied. It is at this time that many applicants turn a Social Security lawyer in Buena Park for assistance in getting their claim approved.

Appeal the initial decision to deny benefits:

Many of the applicants that are denied benefits make two mistakes. The first mistake is to simply give up any hope of winning benefits; the second is resubmitting the claim. Neither of these decisions is good ones.

Never walk away from what you know to be rightfully yours, hire a seasoned Social Security attorney in Buena Park and appeal. At the initial stage, the greatest of claims are turned down whereas half those that appeal eventually are awarded benefits.

Starting over is not the best course of action either. It takes longer to go through the appeals process than it does to reapply but chances are you second claim will be denied as well, and as benefits are backdated to your claim date, you stand to lose a lot by resubmitting your claim rather than begin the appeals process immediately.

If you are among the majority whose claim for disability benefits is denied, you are well advised to hire a Social Security lawyer in Buena Park to help you with your appeal. You are invited to discuss the merits of your claim with the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen.

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