What is Stem Cell Surgery San Antonio Clinics Offer?


Have you heard of the stem cell surgery San Antonio clinics offer? Many of today’s patients want the most advanced care possible. And, while you may have heard it called a stem cell surgery San Antonio offices will tell you once you visit that it is anything but that. In fact, it is a non-surgical way of treating even the worst types of pain you feel. Take the time to understand how stem cells work and why this may be one of the best treatment options available to you.

How Does It Work?

When you hear the term stem cell surgery, San Antonio residents often find themselves wondering exactly what that means. Stem cells are some of the most important building blocks in the body. They are most prevalent and youngest in umbilical cords. By extracting them at that point, it is possible to inject them into various areas of the human body to see significant improvement in the cells in that area. This process is not painful and is highly effective. The cells go to work replacing the damaged cells with healthy ones.

The good news is that this is a simple, nonsurgical procedure that requires a less than painful injection (if you’ve received shots for knee pain, you can expect this to be less painful.) Then, your body will begin to repair itself. It is that easy. Many people begin to feel results right away with maximum benefits occurring about 12 weeks out.

While stem cell surgery San Antonio clients may call this procedure surgical, it isn’t. What it happens to be is a very successful way of helping to restore the body’s health without the risk of complications and with a holistic treatment that does not cause you any pain.

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