What is a Wicketer Machine?

by | Sep 16, 2016 | Parts and Spares

If you are in the plastic bag industry, you may be very familiar with things like wicketer machine parts. After all, this type of machinery is common to the business. However, most people have little knowledge of this amazing invention and may believe it has something to do with the game of cricket (which it does not). Here is information on how the equipment works, what it does and the important role it plays today in the economy.

Defining Wicket

Wickets are things which work as doors or gates. They are small openings which allow things to pass through. A Wicket servo machine (wicketer) is used to create plastic bags. It does this by a process which cuts and seals at the same time. In addition, it places the freshly cut bags into stacks with a specified amount of bags in each stack. This equipment utilizes a servo motor.

What are Servo Motors?

Wicketer machine parts include servo mechanisms which are called actuators and they work on a relatively simple principle. The actuator is made up of an electric motor, wheel, gears and a potentiometer. A potentiometer is a two or three terminal mechanism which has the ability to control electric current by adjusting a turning mechanism (like volume controls).

To simply the explanation of servo mechanisms, electric circuitry has the ability to control mechanism movement. This creates specialized applications for robots, elevators, gripping machines and bag machines.

Back to Wicketers

Servo mechanism control conveyor and bag equipment movement. The rollers pull the bags through the cutting process and a wicketer pulls the bags to special stacking elements on a wheel type conveyor. As the wheel conveyor spins, bags are deposited in once specific area one atop the other.

Purpose of the Wicketer

Initially these machines were created to stack plastic bags. Why is this important? In a fully automated process, one needs a way to place plastic bags in stacks for packing. This can be done manually, but it is very time consuming. Wicketer bag machine parts work together as a unit to accomplish this job. However, these machines can also perform these tasks:

 * Draw sleeves into the machine
 * Cut into bags and seal cut edges
 * Provide a reliable count of each bag produced

In addition, older bag machines can be modified and upgraded by using the right Wicketer bag machine parts. This can make them more efficient and eliminate the need for expensive equipment replacement.

Wicketers and the Economy

Thanks to wicketer machines and the inexpensive plastic bags they create, we have an economical method for bagging and packaging goods. Plus, the materials can be fully recycled.

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