What is a Planned Community?

A planned community is one that built entirely from scratch. Before construction begins, the town is carefully designed to shape the look, feel and future of the community. It may have a specific purpose in mind, such as serving a deaf community; or, it may just have sensibility in mind. It is sometimes known by other names such as a greenbelt city, or garden city. These communities typically include plenty of green space with gardens, meadows and trees. This makes for a more inclusive community, a trait that appeals to many people, particularly those with families. Planned communities in St. Augustine will likely have the following components.

Planners need to think about the population of the community, as well as the potential for expansion. Roads, schools, community centers and a range of home designs are taken into account, including the provision for low-income housing. Other infrastructure components include power supply, water, healthcare, education, law enforcement and other residents’ needs. Planners must ensure that people have access to the goods and services they will need.

Green space
Planned communities allow for plenty of green space to accommodate the citizens. Parks, meadows, tree-lined streets and gardens add an aesthetic look to the community and give a sense of peace and serenity. Planners will take great care to protect this green space so no future development can take place.

Some amenities in a planned community can include any of the following:
*Community center
*Parks, including leash-free parks for dog owners
*Trails for hiking, biking and walking
*Outdoor pools
*Main street village centers for shopping

Planned communities in St. Augustine, and other areas around the country are being built with care and precision. This could be an ideal way to get the home you want in a brand-new location so you can make your own history.

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