What Is a Palmetto Bug?

There are a number of species of roaches that are commonly called Palmetto Bugs, and fortunately none of the species that are known are dangerous to humans. Occasionally, they can get into your food, and some people with major allergies and asthma problems can have problems with the skin shedding of the bugs. However, other than these instances there is really no physical harm done by these pests. The main problem people have with them is that they are creepy, huge, and tend to just make people’s skin crawl. They are unnerving, and they multiply at a very fast pace. To keep these pests and other pests out of your home, you will need Folsom pest control services that you can trust.

Deterring the Bugs
Most of the time, palmetto bugs are just looking for the two things they need to survive. They are not coming into your home to terrorize you. They are just out searching for water and food, and they hit the jackpot in residential homes that have both. One easy way to reduce the likelihood of seeing these critters in your home is to keep your home dry and make sure all food is sealed tight and put away.

Killing Them
Seeing a palmetto bug is enough to induce a panic attack in some people due to their large size and scary appearance. If you live in an area where these pests are found, chances are they will find their way into your home at some point or another. If they keep coming into your home, you can employ several methods for killing them or removing them yourself, but unless you have knowledge on how to prevent the infestation for good, then it is probably a wiser choice to call a Folsom pest control company.

If you want to try to lessen the problem until the exterminator articles you can use boric acid dust or tobacco juice as a natural deterrent to keep the bugs away. A safer alternative is to use a mix of vinegar and water. This helps to kill the bugs, but is safe for people and animals. In most cases you should be able to get a pest control company to come out quickly, so you should not have to take additional steps.

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