What Is A Gold Crypto Token?

One of the biggest concerns with investing in cryptocurrencies is the lack of transparency in the financial backing for the coin. There are some Gold Crypto Token options or tokens on the market, which are backed by actual physical gold.

A new option in a Gold Crypto Token that is very different from a token that is gold-backed is the MINER token. This is a unique option in that the token itself provides the investor the option to use the value of the token to invest in the actual mining of gold yet to be brought out of the ground.
The Benefits of the MINER Gold Crypto Token

Unlike a gold-backed crypto coin, the MINER token offers investors the option to become involved in a revolution in the gold mining industry. The value of these tokens is in the active mining of gold yet to be found and redeeming tokens for labor.

All the mines in the network must adhere to a rigorous set of standards and practices. These include using only environmentally safe mining processes, ending the use of chemicals and devastating practices that destroy the natural space and waterways around the mines.

The other significant change in the gold mining industry by these mines is the focus on meeting and exceeding international labor standards, including safe working conditions, fair wages, and the type of employment benefits that most people take for granted.

In turn, investors in the process can redeem tokens for actual gold from mining or choose to convert their gold into Ether and Bitcoin currencies. Very different from a gold-backed token, this crypto coin is significantly improving the gold mining industry.

To find out more about the benefits of the MINER Gold Crypto Token, visit us online at The Miner Network. More details on the positive impact we provide can be found at theminernetwork.org.

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