What Is A Breast Lift In Naperville, IL And Its Benefits For You?

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Cosmetology

A mastopexy or breast lift in Naperville, IL is perfect for women who have recently lost a lot of weight (or gained some). Likewise, it works well for those who have had children or breastfed, as well as for those who have not aged as gracefully as they’d hoped. This procedure can be done with augmentation or reduction surgery, as well, which can increase or decrease the size and reposition the breasts.

What It Does

The mastopexy can help to reposition the nipples, so they are more centrally-located on the breasts, as well as provide more fullness in the upper part. Likewise, it can help increase cleavage and push the breasts closer together without the aid of a bra. Mastopexy surgery can also increase the volume of your breasts and help with sagging, a common complaint of aging and childbirth.


When most women consider a breast lift in Naperville, IL, they don’t realize that there are multiple options available. Augmentation can be used alone to make the breasts larger. In some cases, the nipples are moved to be centered, but it may not be necessary. The Donut Mastopexy works well for women when they have nipples that aren’t more than two centimeters below the fold of the breasts.

The lollipop mastopexy is beneficial for women who have nipples that are more than 2 centimeters below the IMF, but less than four centimeters below. Your breasts may be flat on top and hang down in a pendulum fashion. Your surgeon will be able to help you determine the best option.


Most women prefer a mastopexy because they want to have more cleavage and breasts that project farther from the chest. Likewise, they may want their nipples to be centered as they used to and have clothing that fits well.

A breast lift in Naperville, IL is the perfect way to have more youthful breasts. Visit the Center for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery online at https://cclscosmetic.com/breast/breast-lift/ to request your consultation.

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