What Homeowners in Cape Girardeau, MO, Should Know about Electrical Issues

Homeowners should pay attention to warning signs that would indicate a problem with the electrical system in their home. This could include things like switches that feel hot to the touch, a breaker that will not reset, or a popping noise that comes from an electrical outlet. It is important to take all of these issues seriously.

Homeowners should get familiar with GFCI. According to law codes, any electrical outlet that is within six feet of a water source needs to have protection by a ground fault circuit interrupter. These safety devices are usually seen in bathrooms and outside of the home. Electricians in Cape Girardeau, MO, often remind homeowners that one GFCI device will protect everything else after it on a circuit, which means that one GFCI trigger will kill power to lights and outlets in other parts of the home.

Homeowners need to be careful when it comes to approaching overhead lines that have fallen. Doing any work on these lines should be left to licensed electricians in Cape Girardeau, MO, or utility workers. These overhead lines are usually not insulated. An individual may say that they see squirrels and birds walk on them all of the time and may conclude that they are safe for people to touch them. However, when squirrels or birds walk on power lines, they aren’t completing the circuit, which keeps them safe.

Homeowners need to know their limits when doing projects on their own. It is great to develop skills, but it is important to understand boundaries and limitations.

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