What Happens With Gum Recession Treatment in Pinedale WY?

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Dental Health

Gum recession is a common problem that can affect up to 12% of adults. When the gums begin to recede, the roots become exposed which can lead to decay and bone loss. It is imperative individuals understand what they can expect from Gum Recession Treatment in Pinedale, WY. Knowing what to expect helps individuals to be fully prepared for seeking treatment from the dentist.

Why Do the Gums Recede?

Gum tissue can begin to recede in patients who have gum disease due to poor oral hygiene. This condition can also occur in healthy individuals who brush too aggressively. When a person’s gum tissue is no longer properly covering their teeth roots, this means their tooth is in danger of becoming infected, decayed or lost. The sooner treatment is sought, the better the chances of a full recovery and the gum tissue is restored.

If the recession is mild, the Gum Recession Treatment in Pinedale, WY will likely be more conservative. The dentist may instruct the patient on proper brushing and will offer to monitor the patient for further recession. Sometimes, the dentist will coat the exposed root areas with varnish or bonding materials to prevent sensitivity.

In severe cases, gum surgery is sometimes needed. Gum surgery involves deep cleaning treatments to remove plaque from under the gum tissue. The procedure may also involve skin grafts that are put in place so the root of the tooth will be completely covered and protected.

Some patients will also need orthodontic intervention to move their teeth into more normal alignment. Misaligned teeth can sometimes lead to gum recession, so it is important patients seek treatment as soon as they notice any issues.

Schedule a Consultation Appointment

If you have noticed your gum tissue is receding, it is essential you seek dental treatment right away. Waiting too long could lead to tooth root damage and cause you to lose your tooth. To learn more about this procedure, visit . Contact Rock Springs Periodontics today so your consultation appointment can be scheduled. Allow them to help you overcome your receding gums so your smile health can be properly protected.

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