What Event Planners Look For When Booking Corporate Event Spaces

Having a facility that can handle a corporate event can be a very lucrative venture for a restaurant, hotel, or even a rustic outdoor center. What exactly makes space a corporate event space instead of just a regular event space can be a bit of a mystery to many.

There are several things that event planners look for when they are interviewing a space for corporate event, and we have collected a comprehensive list here.

Truthful Advertising
A person that schedules and plans events for a living is busy, and they don’t have time to be sucked in by a venue that isn’t being 100% truthful in their online advertising. Most planners use a google search to find corporate event spaces in the area that they are having an event, and if your venue doesn’t match or offer the amenities it advertises, it wastes the event planner’s already stretched time.

Location and Parking
A corporate event usually includes attendees from out of town or even from another country, and the event location needs to be somewhere convenient to places to stay and public transportation. Also, space should have ample parking lots for those that will be arriving in their car.

If your facility can only handle 30-50 people, it is hard to label it as a corporate event space because most conventions or large corporate meetings will have hundreds or even thousands of people in attendance. Be realistic when advertising your capacity.

Food Services
A facility that doesn’t serve its food should have a kitchen available for a catering company. Most corporate events last long enough to require a meal or at least basic refreshments, and it is imperative that the venue be able to accommodate feeding the crowd.

AV Services
Event planners will often need a space that can support a sound system for guest speakers or just speeches from company members. Also, they may also require screens or projectors for slide-shows and videos.

Layout and Ambiance
A quality event planner will want a space that not only has the required amenities and guest space but will also have a look that suits the company style. For instance, a tech company will probably want a very modern looking space. Know your audience, and you will be better able to advertise to the niche your corporate event space will attract.

Black Bear Lake Events Picnic and Event Rentals is proud to call itself a corporate event space, and we strive to bring all of the needed services to every event.

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