What Elements Can Be Included in Funeral Home Services in Orange City, FL?

Part of the process of making advance arrangements for funerals includes paying attention to the elements of the memorial service. Doing so does allow the individual to ensure the service is designed to offer comfort for loved ones and serve as a fitting memory of the deceased. Here are some examples of what many people choose to include in their Funeral Home Services in Orange City FL.

Musical Selections

The right type of musical selections will help to set the tone for the service. Keep in mind that Funeral Home Services in Orange City FL are intended to accomplish two purposes. One is to provide an opportunity for loved ones to comfort one another during a time of loss. Another purpose is to allow those assembled to honor the life of the loved one who is now gone. Consider including musical selections the deceased was fond of in years past. Prelude and postlude music can be instrumental and may even include versions of songs that brought the individual a lot of joy.

If singing will be part of the service, choose hymns or other songs those assembled can sing along with easily. A favorite hymn could be performed as a solo by a loved one who has a beautiful singing voice.

A Message for Loved Ones

One element gaining in popularity is a personal letter written by the deceased and left in the hands of a spouse or the funeral home director. The letter can serve as a way of expressing love and appreciation for those who were there during times of joy and times of sorrow. Many people find hearing the words left by a deceased loved one helps them to accept the death and begin to heal from the loss a little faster.

The Eulogy

Some people want a eulogy designed to honor the life of the deceased and provide comfort for loved ones. Others prefer to do without a eulogy and set aside time for loved ones to share memories with one another. A third approach is a short eulogy followed by time for those assembled to share remembrances.

While planning the service, talk with the team at Fourtowns Cremation Inc. They can provide some suggestions that make it much easier to come up with an approach that is tasteful, comforting, and will honor the life of the deceased.

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