What Elements can be Included in a Funeral Home Service?

Choosing to have the memorial service held at the funeral home is a common event today. What some people are not sure of is how to plan the order for the service. When taking on this task, it pays to keep a few basics in mind. Doing so will ensure the Funeral Home Service is a celebration of the life of the deceased and provides a measure of comfort to those who are grieving.

Selected Readings

One element that can be introduced into the Funeral Home Service is a reading from some work that had meaning for the deceased. The reading may be a passage from a book of scripture, a work by a favorite author, or a poem that brought the individual a great deal of comfort during hard times. As long as the reading is intended to provide some amount of solace to those assembled and honors the deceased, it is worth considering.

Music Offerings

Music can be part of the service in many different ways. Singing hymns that the deceased loved while alive is a wonderful way to conjure up happy memories. Perhaps a loved one or a group of loved ones can perform a song that was special to the departed. Even instrumental selections to use prior to and after the service should be selected with care.


In many areas of the world, offering personal testimonials is part of the funeral service. Loved ones have the chance to stand up and share anecdotes about their connection with the deceased. They can be somber, but often this approach allows people to talk about events that bring a smile to the faces of those in attendance. Those smiles can go a long way toward helping people as they work through their grief.

It will not take long to settle the specifics of the service and know that it will be dignified, tasteful, and provides the opportunity to honor a life well lived and bring at least some comfort to those who are left behind. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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