What Does Homeowner’s Insurance Protect?

If you own a home, you need homeowner’s insurance. While this is not the law in Palm Springs CA, it is usually necessary if you have a mortgage. The lending company requires it. Yet, this is not the reason you should purchase it.

Providing Protection

Home insurance provides protection. Depending upon the type you take out, it will protect the following:

  • Residence/Dwelling: Coverage will pay for what it may cost per square foot of your home to rebuild it.
  • Other Structures: These include sheds, fences and other detached constructions. If these are included in your policy, your home insurance will cover repairs or replacements.
  • Personal Property: If the personal property under coverage is damaged or stolen, monies will be provided to replace them
  • Personal Liability: Liability coverage may help pay for the medical bills, legal fees and related costs if you or a family member are found legally accountable for an accidental action that damages the property of or injures someone.

Homeowners insurance may also pay for accidental injury of a guest in your home as well as incidental costs arising from a fire or other hazard.

Homeowners Insurance: Protecting More than Walls

A policy protects the four walls in which a homeowner lives. While it cannot prevent destruction from happening, it acts as a bulwark against a fire, medical bills or the injury of a guest. Homeowners insurance cannot prevent physical harm to your home or property in Palm Springs CA but acts as a financial safeguard when it occurs.

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