What Determines Gold Price Per Gram?

You may be curious why the price of gold changes often. There are many factors that have to be looked at in order to come up with the current price. Investors are often watching those prices so they can buy when it is low and then sell when it is high. Those who invest for the long term buy more when the prices are low so they can watch the value grow over time.

Gold has a very good overall value compared to other investments so there is far less risk involved. The economy is one of the biggest factors to keep an eye on when trying to determine the gold price per gram. Such information is readily available online. Some people look at it daily and others look at that information every few weeks just to stay well informed.

Weight and Purity

The overall weight of the gold is going to factor into the pricing. This is what often determines the value of scrap and salvage gold. When someone trades in those items for cash, they are usually melted down into bars of gold or other gold products.

The purity also determines the gold price per gram. Gold can range from 8 karat to 24 karat. The higher the number is, the more that gold is worth. The purity increases the value more than the overall weight. A small gold bracelet that is 24 karat is going to hold far more value than a rope necklace which is only 10 karats.

Where you Sell

If you are selling gold items, the amount of money you can get for it often depends on whom you sell it to. With that in mind, you should do some comparisons before you select your provider. There are both online and walk-in locations where you can get cash. With an online option, you send in the items and they tell you what they are worth. If you agree to the price, they will send you a check. If you don’t, they will send back your items.

With a walk-in location, you can get cash on the spot for any items you are willing to sell. They will examine them with you present and give you a price. This can be the most efficient and fastest way for you to get money for your unwanted gold items. You may not get too much cash for certain items, but if they have just been sitting around unused then you may feel it is a justified and worthwhile exchange. Other items may be worth more than you thought, but you won’t know the amount offered until you start the discussions.

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