What Can a Spine Specialist Do for Me?

If you suffer from chronic back pain, you are most certainly looking for relief. Pain in the back can be some of the most debilitating and can make it nearly impossible for you to complete everyday tasks.

One common mistake many people with back ailments make is waiting too long to visit a spine specialist. These doctors can offer many options for treating your pain and getting your life back to normal. Here are just a few things a specialist is the best choice when dealing with spine pain.

  • The spine is extremely complex, and there are many different disorders affecting it. A specialist has more training in the intricacies of the spine and the many problems it can cause.
  • Specialists treat just one area of the body, which allows them to gain a vast amount of experience. It also allows them to stay up-to-date on the most recent treatments and procedures.
  • A specialist is likely to be able to give you more options for treating your problem than a family physician. They will have access to all the latest technologies and treatments that a general doctor cannot offer.

Non-Surgical Specialists and Spine Surgeons

Spine specialists are generally either physiatrists or surgeons. Physiatrists are spine specialists who do not perform surgery as part of their treatment plans. You might be surprised to find out that the majority of people who suffer from back pain do not require surgery, as long as their problems are corrected early enough, and in an appropriate manner.

Most physiatrists have access to spine surgeons, often within the same practice, who can offer surgical options when required. The two professionals can work together to develop a treatment plan that will solve your specific problems, taking into account all of your health needs and issues. These specialists often work with physical therapists too, enabling them to offer even more treatment options.

One of the keys to the successful treatment of any problem with the spine is early intervention. Don’t delay seeing a specialist as soon as you realize you have a problem, as this delay could cause you to need more serious treatment or could limit your treatment options.

There are many spine specialists available who can diagnose your problem quickly and get you on a treatment path. Solving your back pain issues may be much simpler than you think.

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