What Burglars Consider when Choosing a Target

by | Nov 29, 2017 | Security System Supplier

Do you know why burglars choose the targets they do? After all, what makes them pick one business over the others right next door? Why is it that there are some businesses that are burglarized time and time again, while others are left untouched? While there is no question that an alarm system in Louisville, KY can have a lot to do with this, there are other factors that burglars consider as well, when selecting their target.

Some of the things that burglars are searching for when picking a target can be found below.

Business without Visible Security Signage

Businesses that do not have visible alarm system signage and stickers are more likely to be burglarize. Criminals look for potential businesses that do not appear to have any security.

Dark Areas

Areas that are extremely dark during the nighttime hours, or that are not in sight during the day, are the ideal venues for burglars. Burglars can find inconspicuous places to intrude business. Roughly 25% percent of the time, burglars use unconventional ways to enter into a facility. Dark areas reduce the risk of getting caught in low light locations.

Shrubs Present in Front of the Windows

If your business has extremely high fences, or there are landscaping features that help a burglar hide in plain sight, then it is going to be a target. Traditional alarm systems cannot pick up an intruder outside of the facility. When burglars break in through a window, it is best to have an alarm system that has audio capabilities. This allow the monitoring station to hear exactly what is going on at the facility instead of relying on an alarm system with motion detectors to hopefully pick up an accurate alarm. If you do have this type of feature, it is even more important to have an alarm system in Louisville, KY installed.

Doors that Haven’t Been Secured

You should always lock your doors. If they aren’t locked, then you are basically inviting a burglar inside. One of the first things a person trying to break in are going to do is check the doors, don’t give them an easy way to gain access to your business. Keep in mind, with a quality alarm system in Louisville, KY installed, you can significantly reduce the chances that your business will be targeted. All doors should have a door contact installed and preferably an all-in-one device that can send live video and audio to the monitoring station in the event the door is broken into.

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