What Bail Is and About Bail Algorithms and Schedules in Douglasville, GA

Arrest, booking, jailing, arraignment, and hearing a trial are the basic steps of dealing with criminal charges. Arraignment is the point at which bail eligibility is determined manually by the municipality’s judge, or whether you can be released early. Let’s examine bail, bail bonds Douglasville, GA, bail algorithms, and bail schedules.

Defining Bail

Loaning assets of a particular dollar value in return for getting out of jail until sentenced – if you’re sentenced, that is called posting bail.

How Can Bail Be Paid?

You can pay bail yourself, hire a provider of bail bonds in Douglasville, GA to bail you out for roughly 10 to 15 percent of the bail amount, or have someone else pay your bail in full with their personal assets.

Bail Algorithms

Bail algorithms are formulas for determining bail. The purpose of such a tool is to eliminate the consideration of race, socioeconomic status, and ethnicity in determining bail. The few or many variables involved are replaced with numerical values. After computing the algorithm, it pops out an answer in the form of dollar value.

Bail Schedules

The crimes defendants are charged with directly and solely determine bail in the case of bail schedules. They provide the benefit of allowing defendants to be released prior to arraignment – their first showing in court.

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