What are the Benefits of an Instant Lawn Installation Service in McLean VA?

Most homeowners do all they possibly can to make sure their lawn look as amazing as possible. When a new landscape needs to be put in, waiting for grass to grow can be a boring process. Thankfully, there are many benefits to an Instant Lawn Installation Service in McLean VA. Understanding the benefits will help homeowners to make the right decision for their lawn.

What Are the Benefits?

There are a few different benefits for homeowners choosing Instant Lawn Installation Service in McLean VA. The more homeowners learn about these services, the better equipped they will be to make a decision on whether or not they want an instant lawn.

Instant turf is a term that simply means squares of sod are installed into the ground, so the landscape is covered in grass, without the need for waiting on grass to be planted and go through the growing process. The following are some of the biggest benefits of this service.

  • Instant turf saves a great deal of money for homeowners when it is compared to pavers and other lawn coverings. Although sod costs more than grass seed, most people feel having an instant lawn is worth the cost.
  • This type of service saves homeowners a great deal of time because they can instantly enjoy their lawn the same day it is installed.
  • This type of lawn application helps prevent soil erosion and acts as a natural water filter.
  • Instant turf helps to increase the value of a home, by creating a rich and luscious lawn that offers a higher level of curb appeal.
  • Lawns that have sod applications applied will find the ground is much softer, which is beneficial for homes with children who enjoy playing outside.

Discover More Today

Homeowners who are ready for a new lawn installation can learn more about their options when they browse our website. With this type of lawn installation, there is no long waiting period to see the grass begin to grow. Because it is already grown, the results are witnessed the same day. Call today if you would like to get started on the process of transforming your lawn.

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